A Former Believer Defects

I was a child of the sixties. This was a time when TV was broadcast in black and white. It was a time when we trusted our government and respected men like Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley to give us the news each night.

When the president made an important speech, all three TV channels would interrupt regularly scheduled programming and broadcast the speech. The President’s picture would appear above the fold, on page 1 of every newspaper the next morning.

So, in 1961, when President Kennedy said, “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth,” the nation saw and heard that speech on TV, or read about it the next day in the newspaper.

My Dad has always been a huge fan of the NASA programs, especially the Apollo missions. So it was natural that our entire family was glued to the only TV in the house, when eight years later, regularly scheduled programming was interrupted again for another speech.

But this time it wasn’t a president speaking on the White House lawn. No, this speech was given by an astronaut, standing on the surface of the moon. “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”

America had landed on the moon! It was a bittersweet accomplishment. President Kennedy did not live to see his goal come to fruition, but WE, had won the space race!

Or had we?

For decades I have been annoyed by those who said we didn’t really go to the moon. In my opinion these people were nut jobs and wore tin foil hats. I never took them seriously. However, as the  years ticked by I softened my opinion of them and began to listen to their arguments. This year, I’ve considered getting one of those tinfoil hats.

Why, after so many years, am I beginning to doubt that we ever went to the moon? The debunkers analyze the pictures that the astronauts supposedly took on the moon. They discuss things like shadows pointing in different directions as if there were two light sources instead of one (the sun). They also claim that using certain tools they can prove that the hills in the background were much closer than they should have been and were probably a backdrop.

In response to these photography anomalies, I have always countered with agreement that it is possible that these photos were taken on Earth. They could have been taken during practice drills held in the desert. And of course they would have to practice taking photographs. These practice photographs could have been substituted for the real thing in the likely event that the camera or film itself was damaged during the trip. So, it wasn’t the debunkers that finally won me over. I’m a really hard sell.

I recently watched a NASA produced video, narrated by Kelly Smith, a NASA engineer, discussing a future manned mission to Mars, I tuned in to learn about the challenges this mission faced. The moon was not on my mind at all, but what he said was very pertinent to the Apollo missions. And what he revealed, hit me square between the eyes.

According to Kelly, one of the biggest hurdles for a Mars mission, is not associated with Mars at all, but Earth. It’s an aspect of our own planet that is keeping us from taking that trip to Mars. Kelly didn’t say that it would have also prevented us from going to the Moon, but it surely would have. And that was when I realized the trips to the moon were all faked.

You see, there are these inconvenient barriers known as the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Scientists are trying to figure out how they will safely send astronauts through this layer of electromagnetic radiation that surrounds our planet. The amount of lead shielding needed to protect humans and machines would make the rocket too heavy to leave the launch pad

So, how did we do it in the 1960’s? Is the Van Allen Belt a new phenomena? No, its been there all along as far as we know. It was discovered several years before the first Apollo Mission. It get’s its name from James Van Allen, the American physicist who discovered this radiation barrier in 1958, 11 years before we were convinced that our astronauts first stepped on the moon.

Why is the Van Allen Belt such a problem? As, NASA engineer, Kelly Smith states in the video, The level of radiation in the Van Allen Belts are deadly to humans and will cause havoc with the instrumentation on board any spaceship.

NASA is looking for a solution, and will eventually figure it out, but this admission can only mean that no astronaut has ever traveled through the Van Allen Belts, otherwise they would already have a solution to this problem. Or there be no concern, since we have proof that it was not harmful to humans— most of the Apollo astronauts lived long and productive lives. I’m sorry, but if NASA is concerned about the Van Allen Belts it means no manned spaceship went to the moon. And it may be that even the unmanned trips to the moon and Mars never happened either.

This reality hits me to my core, but I now feel confident in saying that no human has ever walked on the moon. Everything was faked and staged. I’m almost ready to say that the unmanned missions were faked, too. We have been spoon fed Hollywood sound stage productions.  All the astronauts that we are to believe flew to the moon couldn’t get there and back without taking two trips through the deadly Van Allen Belts. And yet most of them lived to a ripe old age. Someone is lying and it’s not  Kelly Smith, the NASA scientist in the video that you can watch for yourself, below

This video is seven minutes long and very informative, but you can skip to the 3:00 minute mark to hear just the part about the Van Allen Belts

We should all be angry about this. NASA spent over 100 Billion dollars of taxpayers’ money to fake the Apollo missions alone. It angers and saddens me to have to say that. But there is no other explanation that I can find.



  1. Hi there… I too am a fairly recent “convert” on this one, even though I had entered fully into the “tin foil hat” arena over five years ago after learning about 9/11, etc., the whole faked moon landings thing remained one of those things that I just didn’t even wanna touch, I guess because it’s just one of those super-cliché conspiracy-theorist topics, and I didn’t really see how it would have related to things like false flag terrorism and such either I suppose. Anyway, my mind was quickly swayed as well when I first heard about the “Van Allen Belts” in a documentary, and promptly set out to try and discover if such a thing had ever been refuted or denied by scientists. Of course (as you already know), they never have, and as the video above shows, NASA still very much believes in the reality of the Van Allen radiation belts. But how does it make sense, for the guy to talk about “Solving the problem of radiation in space”, if supposedly they already solved that little problem way back in the sixties….??? 🙂

    Anyhow, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” is probably my favorite doc on the subject. Watching the footage of the Apollo astronauts faking that shot, making it look like they’re halfway to the moon when clearly they are still in low-earth orbit, probably one of the strongest pieces of physical evidence regarding Apollo fakery I’ve ever seen. Like your blog, btw.

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      • Friday, 4 December 2015 was saddest day of my life, as that was when I realised that man did not land on the Moon. Its amazing how long it takes for the penny to drop. Of course, you don’t want to believe it. Its kind of like going through that convoluted way of thinking once someone tells you there is no Santa Claus. You look back at the evidence in disbelief, saying, no….no….it can’t be, it can’t be true.

        But once I added it all up, I knew. Just like when you realise in your heart that Santa isn’t real. That’s what happened to me on Friday, 4 December, 2015. Of course, the evidence was always there…..the wrong shadows in the photos, the identical lunar backdrops, the lack of noise and vibration recorded on the transmissions coming from the lunar modules. I just didn’t ever think about them all together. Taked individually, I always managed to lie to myself that one or two unexplained inconsistencies did not make a rational case for believing the unthinkable.

        But the more you look, the worse it becomes.

        The lack of a crater under the LEM engine, the videos of astronauts being raised up from their hands and knees magically (or with the aid of a wire)…..the lack of fogging on the film brought back, the faked video taken by Apollo 11 showing how the Earth shot from the window was fake…..and of course Nasa’s accidental admission that they still do not know how to get passed the Van Allen Belts if they are to go to Mars, despite the fact that they would have had to pass through them repeatedly to get to the Moon.

        Of course the Russians are threatening to spill the beans now. They are looking for payback after all of the U.S. led sanctions imposed on them after the Ukraine and the Syrian thing. So they are already hinting in the press and on RT. Its just a matter of time now.

        How will the World react? I can’t bear to think of it. But I’m hoping that Buzz Aldrin helps to identify the guilty parties before he shuffles off his mortal coil.


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