We live in Uneasy Times.

Government has always been an adversary, never an advocate, of the governed. Many of us are waking up to this reality. As time goes by, more and more “TopSecret” documents from decades past are being declassified and made available for public consumption and conversation. But, these documents stay classified for
decades until the principle people involved are long gone. They get away with their crimes, in this life without due punishment, but, I wonder what it does to their Karma score, or Heaven points or whatever they use to measure the soul on judgement day. I guess that’s between them and their maker.

These documents offer a peek into the mindset of trusted public servants from our recent history. If you are old enough you will recognize a lot of the names. And sometimes, they are people you trusted, maybe even voted for at one time. The conspiracies that our government have been involved with, as described in these declassified documents, are uncomfortably similar to many of the suspected conspiracies of more recent years. So, its with a heavy heart that we might theorize that nothing has really changed. Some might say its gotten worse.

Mega corporations, contrary to their advertising slogans, care only about the money we spend on their products. When they look at us they see dollar signs and bottom lines. Many treat their employees poorly. Some of them knowingly sell products that are unsafe or unhealthy. The process food, the electronics, the environment they compromise are often working against our health and well-being.

As if that isn’t enough, there seems to be much more activity in the paranormal realm. Is it just me, or does it appear that the cosmic veil is being lifted. Maybe we are just paying more attention to those things we used to brush off as our wild imagination. Whatever it is, its getting closer. And I haven’t decided yet if thats good or bad.

All of this adds up to some Uneasy Times. This planet is a crazy, exciting, and amazing place. Many of its long held secrets are coming to light. And this is where you will find many of them.

I hope you gain some insight with the serious articles I post on this site. But it would be bad for our health to be serious all the time. We need a reason to smile and laugh sometimes. I will make sure I sprinkle a little fun among the serious articles to keep you in balance.

Unless otherwise noted. All of my articles are true.

Thanks for reading
Barbara Hullett

P.S. If you discover something that you think will make a good article here, post a message.



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