The cold war ended without a shot being fired, but just barely

This is the cover page of a “Top Secret” document that dates back to the early 1960’s, during the cold war. Some young adults may not understand the term “cold war”, so a little background might be warranted.

A cold war is not fought on a battleground. It’s a tense relationship between two factions, where neither side trusts the other. Each side expects the other to attack, so both sides point loaded missiles at the other side, just waiting for provocation.

In the early 1960’s, the world was in the midst of a cold war. Communist idealism was on one side, and Democratic idealism on the other. The leaders of both sides fueled fear and hatred with the intent of firing up the citizens of their respective countries.

As planned, that fear did trickle down to the American public. People were building underground bomb shelters in their backyards. School children were forced to participate in frightening “duck and cover” drills. When a special alarm blared in the classroom, children dropped to the floor, huddled under their desks in a fetal position, face down, with fingers locked together behind their heads. I can remember huddling under my desk and turning my head to sneak a peek at the window. All I could see was blue sky, but I watched and waited for a Russian missile to come into view.

The propagandizing didn’t stop there. The McCarthy hearings were broadcast into every livingroom. This witch hunt popularized the question leveled at Hollywood insiders and other influential ne’er-do-goods, “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?”

Yes, Communism was the big monster in the room, but add to the mix the little country of Cuba, recently taken over by dictator, Fidel Castro, and you had a matchstick just waiting to be struck. Castro brought with him, Communism, and that made factions of the U.S. government very nervous.

Castro’s reign over Cuba lasted for 49 years, from 1959 to 2008. However, in retrospect, Castro turned out to be as harmful to the American way of life as a kitten. But in the 1960’s, with only 100 miles between Havana, Cuba and Key West, Florida the U.S. government and military leaders were as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof.

The American military was itching for a fight with Castro. So, in 1962, the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, concocted a plan with the code name, Operation Northwoods. The plan was to convince the American people that the United States must declare war on Cuba.

Operation Northwoods was planned as a covert mission to create several false flag events to implant fear into the hearts of American citizens. Some of these events included fake hijackings of airplanes painted to look like commercial jets, blowing up an unmanned U.S. Naval ship and publicizing the names of the “dead”, orchestrating a show of violent terrorism in U.S. cities, and many more staged events that would plant fear and anger into the minds of the American public.

Their goal was to provoke hyper-patriotism across America. The conspirators wanted to get the American people so riled up that they would demand retaliation. Operation Northwoods’ staged attacks would also help convince the international community to support America’s strike at Fidel Castro.

The plans detailed in this document read like a Doctor Strangelove plot. But this isn’t fiction, this is the outline of actual plans that were approved by the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This plan was then presented to President Kennedy’s defense secretary, Robert McNamara, in March 1962. Thankfully, clearer heads prevailed and the plans were rejected by the civilian leadership and never carried out.

Why did it take 50 years for these rejected plans to be made public? There’s an easy answer for that question. The reason we don’t learn about things like this until much later, is to protect those involved, while they are still alive. This practice of classifying even rejected plans makes it easier for factions of our government to continue planning this sort of insider home-grown terrorism.

However, I think this was released a bit too soon. Because many of the plans outlined in this document sound very familiar. It includes hijacked planes, terrorism on American soil, the fueling of hyper-patriotism. Where have we seen this before?

If you have scoffed at the conspiracy theories surrounding the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center you might be feeling a little queasy about now. Some of us have gotten through that awkward stage already, and I remember how that felt.

The Operation Northwoods document is proof that factions within our government do plot such false flag events. Fortunately, in 1962, there were enough people who vetoed this scheme. I guess in 2001 too many must have thought it was a good idea. Some of my younger readers will still be around when the government declassifies the scheme known as “Operation Twin Falls” (or whatever cute monicker they used for the 9-11 attack plans).

Let me just say, now,  “I told you so”  because I won’t be around to say it fifty years from now.

You can read the entire FOIA document here:

Final thought: Many of the recent shootings and bombings happening in our country and around the world are false flag events, too. Pay attention to changes that happen to the affected society after these events occur (new rules and regulations). Pay closed attention to constitutional rights that are violated during or after an event. You will then begin to understand how our government is manipulating us.

If Operation Northwoods had been successfully carried out, the U.S. and the Soviet Union would have become embroiled in a third World War in the 1960s. The only ones winning that war would be the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about as he handed over the presidency to John F. Kennedy. Yes, the very same one who was assassinated for trying to clean up our government.